Coming Soon: Liveblogs

I am currently contemplating a new take on my usual blogging. Since I have a Twitter account, and I frequently liveblog how I react to a book as I read it, I thought it might be interesting to my followers to see how my mind works as I read a book. At best, people will find it amusing and interesting, a way of seeing what I’m like behind the (admittedly) sober reviews I’ve been posting for the last two years.

At worst, it will irritate people who do not want to know that much about how I think. I’m gambling on people being interested, though.

Starting sometime tomorrow (my timezone is +8:00 GMT, for anyone who wonders when “tomorrow” might be), I’ll post my day’s liveblog of a book I happen to be reading at any given point in time. Hopefully my followers will derive some kind of amusement from my ramblings and exclamations and metaphorical screaming.


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